Christmas Tree Collection

Charity Christmas Tree Collection Service.

Support Wythall Park

Allow us to dispose of your tree for a small donation of £10.00 per tree. All donations will help to maintain your beautiful community park.

Post codes for collection:

    • B90 1xx
    • B92 2xx
    • B94 5xx
    • B47 5xx
    • B47 6xx
    • B48 7xx
    • B98 7xx
    • B38 3xx
    • B38 8xx
    • B38 9xx

NB: Excludes the Dickens Heath area.

When Christmas is over, save yourself the hassle of disposing of your real Christmas tree, getting pine needles in your car, endless queueing at the tip. Sit back and relax, have a drink and another mince pie (or two!)

Allow your local charity, Wythall Community Association, to pick up and dispose of your real tree for a donation of just £10 per tree! We will email you a form for each tree you need collecting.

      • Donations will help to maintain our beautiful Community Park.
      • Trees will be chipped to use around the park.
      • Trees will be collected from Frontages on Saturday 6th January 2024.
      • Payment of £10 per tree in advance through the website (see below).
      • Maximum trees available for collection is 150.
      • Bookings close on Thursday 4th January at 23:00


For general enquiries about the collection call 07863 227076.

Christmas Trees
(max 150)
Booked Available
115 closed
Last updated: 07:51 05/01/2024

Bookings are now closed. 

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*Gift Aid

    • Your donation could be worth even more to the Wythall Community Association through the Gift Aid scheme. Ticking the Gift Aid box on the application form means we can reclaim tax for every £1 you give. To qualify you must pay an amount of income tax and / or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that the charity reclaims on your donations in the tax year.
    • The details above will be used to allow us to claim Gift Aid on your donation.
    • You agree that the element of £10 per person per annum due to Wythall Community Association (Registered Charity No. 243332) and any similar payments you make in future, may be used to claim Gift Aid.
    • Funds raised will go towards the charitable and public benefits.
    • We will share required details, such as your name, first line of address and postcode with HMRC as required to claim the Gift Aid.