The Park

The Park

The 37 acres of parkland which is managed by Wythall Community Association,  includes gardens, planted woodlands, children’s playgrounds and areas for casual play and general usage by all well-wishers.

Most other areas are also for general usage, when not designated to clubs for organised activities. These include the use of three Association football and one Gaelic football pitches, a cricket field, an archery range, tennis courts, a bowling green and a German Shepherd Dog training area. One of the four hard tennis courts and the bowling green are partially available for use by the general membership under the supervision of the relevant sports clubs.

The Park is held in Trust for the benefit of the residents of Wythall and neighbourhood.  It is private land managed by Wythall Community Association and maintained by a small team of dedicated volunteers. Neither Parish nor District Councils has anything to do with the administration

In 2008 Bromsgrove District Council erected, with our agreement, a Multi-Use Games Area and Risky Play equipment on the mound, to provide facilities for the older children of the area.
In 2014 Bromsgrove District Council used Section 106 funds to improve the Children’s Play Area and the football pitches.


In 2018 the park suffered from mindless vandalism, the support from the park users on social media has been fantastic and some have offered to make a donation to help repair the damage done.

You can make a donation to help with the running of Wythall Park by clicking one of the “Donate” Buttons.

There is the option for Gift Aid too which helps us greatly.

Thank you so much.