Wythall Community Hall Trust

The Wythall Community Hall Trust

Is constituted by Deed under Trust, registered on 27th July 1967. It is a Registered Charity, number: 523212.

The object of the charity is to establish and maintain a community hall and grounds for local inhabitants. The trustees are responsible for the security of and safeguard of the title to the property in its ownership.

The trustees’ policy is to ensure the smooth running of the facilities at Wythall Park, which is run on a day-to-day basis by Wythall Community Association.

The charity trustees, currently serving are:-

      • Mr M. B. Jones – Chairman
      • Mrs S. Attwood – Treasurer
      • Mr G. Denaro – Vice Chairman
      • Mrs S. Baxter
      • Mrs J. Dyer MBE

The Wythall Community Association has the sole right to nominate Trustees as required from time to time.  A Trustee may retire from the Trust of this Deed upon giving three months notice in writing of their intention to do so.

Wythall Community Hall Trust ensure the property is correctly administered, whereas the Wythall Community Association concentrates its efforts on the daily management of the facilities and is responsible for all expenses including insurance of the property.