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Please contribute what you can to help maintain Wythall Park as a community facility.

At the start of the year we assessed we needed £30,000 to keep the facilities here for everyone’s benefit. So far we have received a loan, donations and a legacy totalling £10,300.

There is a population in the neighbourhood in excess of 11,500 - but only some 1,200 are members of Wythall Community.
Club Membership is only £20:00pa which includes Association membership. This allows use of the club – a major source of funds for the park. The subs from 500 new members would raise a good portion of the deficit.
If there is anyone or a business prepared to make a donation or interest free loan this would enable us to continue to keep the Park open. It’s all paid for through WCA the charity.

Last year it cost £238,750 to operate the Park and facilities.

We raised £155,000 from rentals etc - £78k of it from Wythall Community Club, the balance from Park Hall, Britannia Room, Pitches, Park events and meeting rooms.
Events – Bonfire, Carnival and draw - raised £18,000
Subs, individual donations and gift aid contributed £13,000
Donations from organisations £27,400
Grant from Wythall Parish Council £8,400
Leaving us with a deficit of £17,000.

We started the year with the Christmas Tree collection which raised £577 in its first year.

We already have plans for new events in Park Hall to encourage a more varied entertainment.

  • Abbsolute Abba an Abba Tribute Duo on Friday 12th April in Park Hall.
  • Ladies DaySaturday 1st June from 1.30pm in Park Hall featuring:-
    Preloved clothes, Jewellery stalls, Angel Card Readings, Avon stall, Body Shop stall, Raffle. Bar open until 5pm.
  • Paul Cook Disco - Friday 7th June in  Park Hall

We nearly have plans sorted to raise funds from car parking charges. These will start at 50p for 2 hours- only be during the daytime – Monday to Friday, and Saturday morning – so Club members will not have to pay when the bar is open. There will be permits available for purchase, at a substantial discount to members. This should raise in excess of £15,000 – covering the deficit and hopefully in a couple of years provide sufficient funds to do some resurfacing.

We need more members to come out and socialise, re-discover the art of conversation, try our excellent real ales – or a soft drink or tea / coffee. It is unfortunate that we don’t have a catering kitchen or a suitable location or funds for one.
We need all our constituent groups who meet to stop and chat after their meetings – some do.

We need more help and suggestions from people who will help organise an event or activity.

If you would like to contribute in any way I would love to hear from you.
You can make a donation through this website by clicking the "Donate" button below.
Or drop us a cheque in the post (or an envelope full of cash)

Membership applications can be made through the website: www.wythallcommunityclub.org.uk

Thank you.

Betsy Johnson
Hon Treasurer