club 50th event

Club 50th Anniversary - July 22nd 2017

Wythall Community Club 50th Anniversary.  

Latest update.
Plans are nearly complete for the event.
This is an ideal time for all park users that do not know, or think that the club is inaccessible to them, to visit, non members can be signed in and we welcome all.
The final start time is to be announced but people will be around from midday ish.
As usual, we need the weather, however, the plan is for the front lawn to be in use from start until around 7pm, with bouncy castle etc for the children plus other attractions, A BBQ is planned and the bar will be open all day.
In the evening we have entertainment planned with a set dedicated to ABBA and a second with 70s and 80s etc.
As usual, a  great deal  is reliant on others but we are doing our best to make this an enjoyable day for all.
Please see my chairman's column for other club info.
Des Ashby
Club Chairman

Although the club officially opened in May, it is thought that the weather would, hopefully, be better in July.
In the early stages but we are looking for as many ideas as possible to make this a good day for all.
An ideal day for non member, park users to visit and get to know all.
Watch this space.
Des Ashby
Club Chairman.