Wythall Community Association

Chairman's Column

January 2018

A quiet start to the year due to weather, hopefully it will start brightening up from here.
Christmas in the club was cheerful despite the terrible weather and New Years Eve was better supported than the previous year with a new DJ on trial for the family followers with youngsters in the club.
We are, at the moment, trying an early opening of the club (6pm) on Fridays, due to a large number of requests. However the uptake is very poor so we may deem it unpractical. We have tried.
The Club AGM is on Monday 19th February and it would be good to see as many members ( members only ) as possible as this is the only way that we can get genuine feedback. We still have a few comments on facebook etc. but when these people are invited in we hear no more.
As usual, we are planning the annual Beer Festival, and again trying to make it appealing to as many people as possible, last years was again well up on the previous year.
Again, I cannot over stress that we need your support to make the club prosper in what are becoming very stressful times for this industry, with more and more public houses failing and clubs sailing very close to the wind.
Things are not being helped by the Breweries continuously raising their prices.
Last year, when most outlets raised their prices, we absorbed the increases to try and keep our prices reasonable for our members, there was not one person that commented on this but when we were forced by the breweries later in the year to increase trad beers by 5p there were numerous comments.
Once again, your club needs your support.

Des Ashby
Club Chairman

August 2017

Beer Festival Latest
Wythalls 8th Beer Festival planning is well under way.
Friday 6th and Saturday 7th October
The festival has grown year by year in popularity and we have that this year will be better again.
As usual it spans 2 days, Friday 6.30pm to 11.30pm
                                         Saturday 12noon  to  11.00pm 
A variety of favourite and new ales plus an old favourite and 3 new ciders will be on tap.
Prices are held the same as last year.
Although this is predominantly a beer festival, we still have the Old Comrades jazz band on Friday and this year we have a popular duo 
Jean and Adrian doing a mixture of favourites on Saturday.
Don’t forget to pass the word, and bring your guests. Non members can be signed in for the evenings.
More when available

Des Ashby
Club Chairman

July 2017

And the ales go on.
Again, with all the hard work that Alan does, we have won second place in the Redditch and Bromsgrove CAMRA awards for the quality and service relating to our real ales, another feather in our cap for all the hard work of Alan and his staff.
The club 50th anniversary event is happening on July 22nd, see separate article by clicking this link, I hope that a lot of the local people that comment on our exclusivity will attend and meet us, We will be only too pleased to meet and talk to you all.

Helen and her gang are starting another quiz with a different theme so we hope that more people will enjoy those.

The planning for the beer festival in October is almost complete, please look at the event list.

We are working on further events and as usual welcome and suggestions.

Des Ashby
Club chairman

April/May 2017

...and the year is creeping on.

We are still doing our best to entertain all of our members that are interested, but we do need more feedback from members.
Alan is doing a first class job ensuring that we have four Top quality real ales on the pumps at any time.
I did mention in my last update that the club has its 50th anniversary this year and although the club opened in May, we have decided that the weather hopefully will be more conducive to an all day, inside and outside event in JULY.
We have therefore set a provisional date of July 22nd for the event.
It is to be a family and guests event on the lawn as well as inside during the day and entertainment in the club in the evening.
(This is an ideal event for users of the park to pay a visit to the club, we are not as exclusive as many people think.)
All is in the planning stage so please watch this space.
Des Ashby
Club Chairman


March 2017

March 2017, and the year is on the move.
Following on from the last report which was just before the AGM.
As I said before the meeting, it would be nice to see more members attend the AGM, it would make it feel like the committee was appreciated. They do put in a great deal of effort on behalf of the members.
It was asked on facebook whether or not I should be publishing minutes of the meeting but this is not possible as the minutes are for members attending the AGM and will be produced at the next meeting.
I did respond to this but at the time stated that I do not normally respond on facebook for various reasons, the main reason being the fact that I believe that our website is the club voice.
Another reason, unfortunately, is that I realise that a great deal of effort is put into the group, with little actual support.
When the group reached 500 members, Sharon promoted a 500 club event at the club with drinks included and opportunity to meet officers and committee, there were some 200 or more promises of attendance, 
Three turned up and one of those was a member. 
 Obviously the rest were still behind their keyboards ready to find something to criticise.

However, we are all still here ready to answer constructive criticism.

To prove that the club is still popular, as I am just completing a new membership database I now have new sets of figures.
As this time, whilst most ( not all ) clubs are suffering, we still have well over 1000 members.  
However, we always need new members and support,

Another event for members to note is that The Club has its anniversary in May,  It will be 50 years since the doors opened, there will be an event with entertainment notified.

As usual, if anyone has any suggestions or comments, or even offers of help for an event feel free to contact myself or any member of the team, or indeed any non-member that would like to visit and meet us feel free to drop in and introduce yourself and we would be pleased to discuss the club with you face to face.

Des Ashby
Club Chairman

February 2017

A little late maybe, but a happy new year to all our Members.

The reason for the lateness of this message is the timing of this years Annual General Meeting, Friday Feb 17th.which was only set by the committee last week.

It would be good to see as many of you as possible at this years meeting as the meetings do not count for much if there is a poor turnout.
It is always a forum for new ideas and for old points to be revisited.

If any of you have ideas they are always welcome and indeed there are places on the committee if any member feels that they would be able to spend a little time and help us with new ideas.

Also in the planning now is next New Years Eve , The October Beer Festival and various events and entertainment throughout the year.

Once again, we look forward to meeting more of you.

Des Ashby    Club Chairman.


December 2016

Well, Here we are again folks, Approaching the festive season.

This year I find myself sitting in the middle of a brand new Website,
One that I hope is going to be viewed and supported by all our followers, with Emphasis on our members.
I appreciate that the Website is only going to be of interest if it contains plenty of information about club and association activities etc.

Starting the year in the club we are hoping that many of our members ,  with their guests ,  will enjoy seeing the new year in with us.
This year again we are providing entertainment in the lounge and also a family atmosphere in the Britannia room.
All details and opening times during the festive season are on the website.

During the coming year we are planning more activities in the club with entertainment, quizzes , The now established Beer Festival and more.
As usual we are always open to suggestions and ideas.
We will all do our best to keep you up to date with club activities,
So please keep visiting the website for the latest information.
We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope that the New Year is good to you.

Des Ashby
Club Chairman