Wythall Community Association


We have been pleased to receive a number of kind donations from supporters and companies.

Donations can be made by cash, cheque, direct transfer to the bank account or through our Make A Donation Page

A donation / gift aid form is available to download here - click this link.

Thanking you in advance for your valuable support

Betsy Johnson
Hon Treasurer.

At our AGM on 12th April 2018 we received a donation from Becketts Farm which is really appreciated and will go a long way to help maintain the park.

It’s fantastic to see a local business supporting a local association.

Many thanks to Simon Beckett for providing the donation and Adrian Beckett for presenting it to our President; Jill Dyer.


"The Beckett family and Becketts Farm have a long-standing relationship with the Wythall Community Association, In fact, my grandfather, Albert Edward Beckett who established our company in Wythall some 80 years ago, was a founding member of the Wythall Community Association. We hope that our donation and our on-going support will allow the residents of Wythall to continue to enjoy this great facility for many more years to come."

Simon Beckett. 


 Year  Donor  Donation
 2019  Wythall German Shepherd Dog Club Dog Show (May)  £502.00
 2019  Estate of Ursula Barnes  £100.00
 2019  Personal Donation  £100.00
 2019  Following Vandalism  £368.00
 2018  Charities Trust  £100.00
 2018  Becketts Farm  £15,000.00
 2018  Pearl  £500.00
 2018  Dumbreck Charity  £1,000.00
 2018  Pemberton Family  Bench
 2018  Wythall Fun Run  £800.00
 2018  Personal Donation  £100.00
 2018  Wythall German Shepherd Dog Club  £200.00
 2017  Collection in Memory of Kenneth Knowles  £220.00
 2017  Collection in Memory of Paul Johnson (plus gift aid)  £1325.00
 2017  Sarah Lee 10K Wolf Run - April (plus gift aid)  £545.00
 2017  Wythall German Shepherd Dog Club Dog Show  £452.00
 2017  Pearl - employee volunteer Helen Cleaver  £500.00
 2017  Wythall Parish Council  £12000.00
 2017  Ctt Charity Payments via Just Giving Shopping  £23.88
 2017  In Memory of Kenneth Knowles  £221.43
 2017  In Memory of Paul Johnson  £1603.47
 2017  Tesco Bags - Funding  £6000.00
 2017  Event put on by Sarah Lee  £553.80
 2017  Wythall Community Hall Trust  £1200.00